We are Zanzibaris with a developmental sprit toward clean environment and waste management. We are aware of the increasing of solid and liquid waste in Zanzibar Archipelago that takes a lot of landfill and above all, is now affected our health since we use the old way of burning waste garbage.

As we know that Zanzibar is like many other African countries that they don’t have an adequate resources or proper waste development management to tackled the issue. This situation has alarming us to established Zanzibar Recycling Program – ZAREPRO in the year 2011 in order to provide education, rise awareness about recycling activities.


  • To educate the community and other stakeholders about recycling and have a better understanding on the issues affecting environment and waste contamination.
  • To raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and three terms of RRR Reduced, Recycling Reused  and how it can be done.
  • To impact and empower the community in order to be engaged direct or indirect into activity.


  • To facilitate recycling program for the clean and sustainable environment.
  • To reduce the number of landfill and eradicate waste contaminated diseases.
  • Motivate the community to engage on waste collection activities in order to generate their own income.
  • To create job opportunity to the individual who are interested to collect waste material and sell them to ZAREPRO